Couple faces $25,000 in fines after returning from a trip to Mexico

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In this Fight The Fines story, Gary and Cheli Vosburgh share their experience travelling to Mexico and what ensued as they tried to return home to Canada. Facing two fines each, four in total for a combined amount of $20,000 (plus tax), they expressed relief at being accepted as clients of our civil liberties campaign.

Gary and Cheli wanted to head to Mexico, Cheli’s home country, to escape the oppression they were feeling here in Canada. They had wanted to get out of Canada for a few months. Cheli, who previously ran a small salon out of their home until it was shuttered by government restrictions, had been forced to retire. It seemed like a good time to get out of dodge and wait out the return to normal.

The Vosburghs flew to Mexico in February of 2021. After touring around Mexico for three and a half months, in hopes that the health orders would at the very least be relaxed by the time of their return home, they quickly realized that this would not be the case.

In this interview we discuss the hostile environment faced by the Vosburghs while flying Air Canada, the invasive PCR test mandate, what self-isolation has been like and how they feel about being back in Canada.

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