COVERT CA$H: What American Universities Don't Want You To Know About Their Foreign Funding

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Where do major post-secondary education institutions get their funding? 

Does tuition cover it all? Maybe taxpayers chip in too? 

Well, that's some of it, but did you know that funding is coming more and more from nefarious regimes like China and Saudi Arabia? 

Why would China and Saudi Arabia want to fund universities in North America?

Well, in an all-new investigative report from the Clarion Project called Covert Cash, our colleague Raheel Raza and other journalists expose these connections and contemplate why foreign funding is so heavily involved in education in America. 

The United States of America is a country established on the basis of freedom, democracy, and civil rights.

The academic institutions of the nation should represent each of these core values and teach their students just how valuable these beliefs are. Some universities, however, are accepting shockingly exorbitant gifts from malicious, sometimes even terrorist-sponsoring, foreign entities drastically opposed to American ideals.

Americans deserve to know what is happening.

COVERT CA$H: What American Universities Don't Want You To Know About Their Foreign Funding exposes just that. As Clarion explains in their description of the documentary: 

The film exposes hidden money – sometimes up to the billions – and investigates the strings this money has, as well as its effect on America’s future leaders.

The film asks: Why would American universities accept money from corrupt regimes who actively work against American interests? Why would they accept money from regimes whose human rights records clash with every American value we hold sacred?

Covert Cash exposes the corruption and lack of transparency in U.S. universities which accept this cash and allow foreign governments to gain influence and a nefarious foothold in the United States.

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