Cargill meat packing plant closure: COVID-19 outbreak among foreign workers tops 500 cases

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The Cargill meat packing plant has been identified as the new epicentre of the China Virus in Western Canada. Over 500 cases have been linked to the employees of the facility.

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw has spoken about the company's employees repeatedly at her press briefings. The top doctor has identified poor living standards and carpooling as leading causes of viral spread. The staff working at Cargill are largely Temporary Foreign Workers.

It is not as if the TFWs are being paid a slave wage; Cargill pays its staff competitively. The issue is how the TFWs live while they're in Canada. Even after officials demanded social distancing, workers would still come to work in cramped cars, carpooling from the south end of Calgary. Their living conditions are also close quarters.

Temporary Foreign Workers sending money back home

Temporary Workers are exactly what the name implies: temporary. They come to Canada to earn money and send it home. The more money they can save while they are here, the more money they can spend in the Philippines, or Somalia, rather than in Canada.

Justin Trudeau has set up a special program for Temporary Foreign Workers, letting them come to Canada even after the borders were recently closed. Apparently they are “essential." Even conservatives, who are typically for stronger border measures, will tell you that, "we need Temporary Foreign Workers" and "Canadians just won't do the job!”

Now look were we are: Cargill is closing down, other meat packing plants are close behind, and Canada's food security is compromised. All because the workforce was unreliable.

Jobs Canadians Won't Do?

Saying that Canadians will not do the job is simply untrue. Two million Canadians are out of work right now. Cargill has a labour force of 2,000 people.

My advice to Cargill? Consider trying to hire Canadians before defaulting to the Third World. You’ll find that far more than 0.1 per cent of parents looking to feed their kids will be happy to work for you.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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