COVID cops fine mask exempt Manitoba man, tracked down with co-op code and security footage

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Today, I'm introducing you to another average Manitoba man who was issued a Covid-19 violation ticket for doing something completely ordinary.

Phil Neufeld works in construction. He's a normal guy with a normal job. He's a family man who holds Bible study in his home. He's not exactly a dangerous, hardened criminal.

However, Phil was the subject of an intense and intricate police investigation with the key piece of evidence against him being his customer loyalty card at a local grocery store.

His crime? Buying groceries without a piece of cloth over his face. Phil received a $300 ticket for not wearing a mask in a grocery store even though he had communicated with store management about his mask exemption ahead of his grocery outing.

It's crazy and it cannot stand. Phil sent me his ticket at he's pleading not guilty and we are putting him in touch with the top criminal lawyer.

It's going to cost a lot more than $300 to fight this ticket but that's not the point. The government of Manitoba is out of control and it needs to be put back in its place, which makes fighting this ticket worth every penny.

If you'd like to help us cover the cost to fight Phil's ticket and challenge these ridiculous lockdown laws, please donate at

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  • By David Menzies


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