COVID deaths are down 80% in Alberta, so why lock down harder now?

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has decided to follow in the footsteps of his fellow Canadian premiers, throwing his province into a strict lockdown. But just because everyone else is doing it, does that make it the right decision? Are these new measures put in place going to help, or are they just restricting the rights and freedoms of their population in a vain effort to make it seem like they're doing something?

These are the types of questions that Ezra was trying to get to the bottom of on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Wondering about why these restrictions were put in place now, Ezra said:

I'm not happy that five people a day are dying from COVID, but it's nowhere near the leading cause of death in that province. And as you can see in the government's own graph, it's pretty much the rate of death since the beginning of the whole thing last year — except for that big spike in December and January when it was 25 deaths per day. 

So, it's down by 80 per cent from 90 days ago, so why is the government locking everyone down now? See the graph for yourself. The death rate was flat, it's off the spike from December and January, so why panic?

I know why. Because “cases” are up, they say.

But what's a case? Someone who tests positive, but doesn't even get sick? That's counts as a case, you know. Someone who gets sick, but it's so mild it's over in a couple days like the regular flu and then they're naturally immune to it, that's a case too, you know.

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