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Crack down on gangs, not legal gun owners: Canadians speak out at CCFR Integrity March

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Last Saturday’s Integrity March in Ottawa, organized by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, was a way to draw attention and unite gun owners in their cause: to voice the ineffectiveness of gun bans and oppose the injustice of targeting of legal gun owners.

Those in attendance had a clear, concise message. They want to see the Trudeau Liberal government focus on actual crime and violence, including illegal firearms crossing the Canadian border.

With their names being run through the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) system daily, legal gun owners say they’ve gone through all the hoops and continue to be law-abiding citizens. They simply want to be left alone!

A few weeks after the gun regulation imposed by the Liberal government on May 1, 2020, CCFR filed a Court Application against the Attorney General and the RCMP.

Among many things, it calls into question the constitutional validity of Justin Trudeau’s gun grab.

Overall, the point of the Integrity March was made with tact. Law-abiding Canadian gun owners showed their true colours on the Hill on Saturday. These are peaceful citizens who recognize injustice and will lawfully use the legal system to oppose Trudeau’s order to ban almost 1,500 currently legal firearms.

Spokesperson Tracey Wilson left with a final message: Justin Trudeau, we’ll see you in court!

Rebel News went to report on the Integrity March in order to bring you the other side of the story, the side the CBC and other Media Party outlets — who demonize legal gun owners — will never do.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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