Crown prosecutor says Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali killed 13-year-old BC girl during sexual assault

After many in-trial delays, the jury for the case of Ibrahim Ali, a Syrian refugee charged with the first-degree murder of a B.C. teen shortly after arriving to Canada, finally heard details about the murder today.

Crown prosecutor says Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali killed 13-year-old BC girl during sexual assault
The Canadian Press / Darryl Dyck
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During opening remarks, Crown prosecutor Isobel Keeley painted the disturbing picture of the brutal death of a 13-year-old BC teen girl whose body was discovered in Burnaby’s Central Park on July 19, 2017. Keely laid out what evidence the prosecutors will be relying on in the effort to prove their theory that Ibrahim Ali dragged the child whilst walking the park trail into the bushes to sexually assault her and also strangle her to death.

Evidence that is said to be heard over the coming months of the trial will include a forensic pathologist’s testimony, which the Crown says proves the child was strangled, and that semen was found in her anus and vagina that was a DNA match to that of Mr. Ali.

The group of 14 jurors also heard from the first of at least 50 witnesses they intend to call upon during the case.

Responding RCMP officer Const. Richard Huggins testified to the moments during the search for the child after her parents reported her missing on July 18. While searching on foot in a path of the park, Huggins says at approximately 12:44am a pink wallet caught his eye. Upon searching the wallet Huggins came across a student ID with a girl who fit the description of the missing child as well as a cell phone.

Journalists including Rebel News’ Drea Humphrey, a small group of friends and family of the victim and a large group of students taking a law class in a tri-city high school were present in the BC Supreme Courtroom. Defence attorney Kevin McCollough, who has a reputation for being furious in the courtroom, represents the accused and Justice L. Bernard is presiding over the trial.

Rebel News will continue to cover this case closely, which is expected to run until at least mid-June. Due to a publication ban, media is not permitted to publish the name or image of the victim.

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  • By David Menzies

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