CTV and Covid-Karens wage war on a gym that forbids masks – but Discipline Wrestling will not be smitten

Rebel News' David Menzies spoke with the owner of Discipline Wrestling in Ancaster, Ontario to discuss the backlash that he has faced solely for enforcing a 'no mask' rule in his gym.

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Located in an industrial park in Ancaster, Ont., Discipline Wrestling offers all sorts of physical workout programs for kids of all ages. This includes something called Ninja Warrior Parkour, which features everything from swinging ropes and monkey bars to obstacle courses.

The evening we visited Discipline Wrestling to observe this exercise program, dozens of kids were having a great time while working up a sweat. And the kids’ parents seemed to be so grateful that their children were having so much fun while embracing physical fitness programs.

So, what’s not to love?

Alas, not everyone is a happy camper when it comes to this gymnasium. And that unhappy person would be Jane Bedford. Bedford is raising a stink about Discipline Wrestling because the owner, Dave Mair, prohibits the use of masks in its facility. Oh, the humanity…!

Recently, Bedford reached out to CTV to essentially demonize Discipline Wrestling. The reason: when she brought her 11-year-old daughter to take a Ninja Warrior Parkour class, she was informed that the workout floor was a mask-free zone. (Note to Ma Bedford: the masking mandate was lifted in Ontario way back on March 21.)

Coach Mair told us that anything that impedes breathing during a cardiovascular workout such as Ninja Warrior Parkour is not a good idea. Needless to say, an individual wearing a mask while taking part in a wrestling class is an impossibility for obvious reasons.

In any event, Bedford was aghast regarding the no mask rule. And she even played the race card; somehow, the denial of a paper face diaper during workouts is… anti-Indigenous? We don’t get it either…

Predictably, CTV reached out to various “experts” who concluded that Bedford and daughter are victims and that they may very well have a valid human rights complaint to follow up on.

Mair, however, is miffed given that CTV, he says, did not reach out for his side of the story (even though CTV claimed they did reach out to Mair.)

Meanwhile, the online Covid-Karen community continues to demonize Discipline Wrestling for being a potential super-spreader hotbed for the Coronavirus – even though there is zero evidence indicating this to be true, of course.

But it looks like the whiners and hypochondriacs and assorted other losers have picked the wrong business to cancel. Mair says the gym continues to cater to grateful participants and parents alike, regardless of what Bedford, CTV, and the masking champions have to say. And the no-mask policy will continue to remain in effect.

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