CTV fact check! No, Canadian health care workers traveling to USA aren't the main coronavirus risks

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Today I’ll show you CTV’s deranged anti-Trump bias in their coverage of American air travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

CTV’s Saturday show spent an entire segment fretting about the number of domestic flights still happening within the bounds of the continental United States, without so much as a peep about the volume of international flights landing in Toronto and Vancouver with Trudeau’s permission.

If CTV exhibited a moment of journalist curiosity, the way my colleague David Menzies has, they would go to an airport to see for themselves just how dangerous the relaxed screening measures at Canadian airports are. Instead, CTV showed scary graphics of the crowded air space over the US because Trump is always the bad guy and Trudeau is just a poor guy doing his best from the confines of Rideau Cottage.

In the same segment, host Lisa LaFlamme wondered how flights to and from cities within the United States might impact Canadian healthcare workers from Windsor who work across the river saving lives in Detroit.

If Canadian healthcare workers crossing the border legally to work in Michigan could bring the virus home through a legal border crossing, then surely unvetted, untested, illegal migrants, exhibiting signs of a coronavirus infection crossing into Canada at an illegal border crossing is a problem.

Trudeau’s amendments to the Quarantine Act to prohibit sick foreign nationals from entering Canada exempted anyone “who seeks to enter Canada from the United States for the purpose of making a claim for refugee protection.”

But according to CTV, domestic American travelers inside America are the danger to Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant


It’s more important than ever to hold Trudeau to account during this crisis — and we need your help.


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