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CTV fact check says Trump refused to condemn white supremacy — refuses to mention Trudeau racism

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spent his monologue discussing the fact checking that occurred following the first U.S. presidential debate this week.

The fact checkers at CNN, and here in Canada at CTV, were quick to claim Trump was not correct in saying Joe Biden had claimed Trump was xenophobic for implementing early travel restrictions to China, while CTV stated that Trump refused to condemn white supremacy during the debate.

The hypocrisy of these partisan fact checks really stuck out to Ezra, particularly when comparing CTV's fact checking of Trump, to their (lack of) fact checking of Prime Minister Trudeau:

How do you write a whole story in CTV about that without mentioning Trudeau in black face? How do you talk with a straight face about Trudeau condemning racism when he himself was racist so many times he lost count? And by the way, he fires any women of colour who stand in his way — whether it's Celina Caesar-Chavannes or Jody Wilson Reybould.

But hey, CTV has some "fact checking" to do here.

And again, in Canada, is it right-wing white supremacists, I don't know, blocking railways and pipelines with eco-terrorism? Why won't Trudeau condemn them? Why won't CTV ask him to do it? Because they're liars. Boy, sometimes I wish I were part of the 13% who believe the media. 

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