Cuban protesters call for end of Communist regime (and mainstream media lies about it)

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The Cuban people have long suffered at the hands of their country’s authoritarian communist regime, the heads of which, whether the Castros or current president Miguel Díaz-Canel, have lived like kings while the people barely scrape by.

After decades of abuse, people have had enough, and by mid-July the largest anti-government protests in 25 years were taking place on the streets of Cuba. These protests riled the passions of Cubans and their supporters, who rallied in solidarity around the world. The message of the protesters was simple: down with the regime.

Liberal media outlets were quick to whitewash and repurpose the protests. By the time they shared the story, they insisted that these were anti-American embargo protests and protests demanding COVID vaccines. This is shameful misinformation, and to put it bluntly… propaganda. Progressive journalists were echoing the talking points of the Cuban regime, instead of reporting the facts.

It takes courage to stand against a totalitarian regime. That sort of courage should be given a platform. Instead, we’ve seen media outlets in Canada categorically fail these freedom-loving Cubans. So many people come to Canada seeking freedom (and freedom of the press). Imagine the heartache and hurt that Cuban expats experience upon seeing Canadian media regurgitating the state-sponsored lies they were subjected to for decades in Cuba.

I was joined by Liz Marrero, an organizer of the pro-Cuban protests in Calgary. Liz lived in Cuba for the first 17 years of her life, and told us the real story of what is happening in her motherland. We discussed why state-funded media cannot be trusted, and the startling emergence of some of the totalitarian trends she grew up with in Cuba right here in Canada. She offered invaluable insight into the realities Cubans face, from food and medicine shortages to Orwellian thought control and political imprisonment.

We want Liz and her fellow freedom-loving Cuban compatriots to know that Rebel News will continue to tell their side of the story, free of spin or governmental influence, just as it should be.

Viva Cuba Libre!

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  • By David Menzies

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