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Dan Andrews under the watch of Victoria’s anti-corruption body

There are calls for the Victorian Premier to resign over IBAC investigation.

Dan Andrews under the watch of Victoria’s anti-corruption body
Dan Andrews under the watch of Victoria’s anti-corruption body
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The Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) has allegedly been looking into Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews along with senior public servant Tony Bates. IBAC’s interest relates to deals involving the United Firefighters Union (UFU) and union boss, Peter Marshall.


“I am not in a position, even with ‘round-the-back-door’ questions like that, to be providing any other answer. And as for 'standards' and 'who said what', you can make your own judgements about that. I behaved appropriately at all times,” insisted Daniel Andrews, under fire from questions relating to the IBAC investigation at a recent press conference.


The controversial deals took place between 2014 and 2019 when Peter Marshall supposedly influenced an industrial deal and reform package for the UFU and its members. Tony Bates dealt with the issue as part of his work within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Reports emerged in 2019 that IBAC was investigating deals with the UFU, but scrutiny over the Premier’s conduct in relation to UFU was not previously released.

IBAC is examining the events to determine if any improper conduct took place.

There is no suggestion from Rebel News of any wrongdoing by Premier Daniel Andrews, Tony Bates, or Peter Marshall.

According to The Age, anonymous sources with knowledge of the IBAC investigation confirmed that the investigation stretched to cover the premier, but they were not authorised to comment publicly.

IBAC has not issued a comment on the alleged investigation into Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.


“I will direct you to IBAC if you want to ask them questions about what they’re doing and not doing,” said the Premier on Tuesday, declining to make a specific comment.


The Age has confirmed that electronic devices belonging to Premier Daniel Andrews’ inner circle have been confiscated by the IBAC investigation, including phones, laptops, and USB sticks.


“I’ve been very clear over all my time in public life that integrity agencies should have the full support of the government and every member of it,” said Daniel Andrews.


The Victorian Liberal Party has called for the Premier to resign over the investigation.

Last week, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigned her position when an ICAC investigation expanded to cover her. It is becoming convention, not a requirement, for premiers to resign if they become involved in anti-corruption investigations.

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