Detransitioner Chloe Cole discusses how the medical establishment rushed her into transitioning while failing to diagnose her Autism

The medical establishment allowed Cole to take cross-sex hormones and have her breasts severed via a double mastectomy between the young ages of 13 and 15.

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Imagine if a child you love dearly comes to you with an epiphany — forget what their chromosomes say — that they were born in the wrong body and are actually meant to be the opposite sex. What should you do?

North America's political, medical, and educational establishments would at large have you do one thing; affirm the child’s gender dysphoria at all costs, even if it appears to have occurred overnight.

In today’s report, I sit down to interview 18-year-old Chloe Cole.  Like many trans-identifying children, the hypothetical scenario I just painted is her reality. This is after her parents were duped into believing that if they didn’t affirm her dysphoria and support her goals to medically transition, they would end up with a dead daughter by suicide instead of a living transgender son.

The medical establishment allowed Cole to take cross-sex hormones and have her breasts severed via a double mastectomy between the young ages of 13 and 15. When Cole reached her sweet 16, she realized her gender dysphoria was treated incorrectly. She no longer wanted to be a boy, and now had to live as a girl who was led down a path of medical destruction.

Adding salt to her wounds, apart from one physician who Cole was promptly guided to move on from, the same medical establishment that rushed her into transitioning failed to diagnose and provide support for Cole’s autism spectrum disorder.

“It took 17 years for me to receive my Autism diagnosis," Cole said during our interview. According to Cole, her “parents couldn’t get any help really from either the doctors or the school,” and when her parents tried to seek a proper diagnosis for her, “the doctor just said 'there’s no way that she’s autistic, she’s too smart to be on the spectrum.'”    

As the amount of kids being diagnosed with autism increases year after year, it becomes even more evident that Autistic children are disproportionately diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Theories about why that is range from the link being a genetic predisposition to environmental factors. For example, an Autistic child who has a hard time socially connecting with their peers may be attracted to the LGBTQ community promoted in schools and on social media.

Click on the full interview to hear more about Cole’s detransitioning story including an update on her plans to sue some of the medical professionals involved in medicalizing her, including her healthcare provider, the hospital that performed her surgery, and the gender specialist who referred her to the surgery.

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