Dear Patrick Brown: Apologize for your defamatory statements (or we're going to court)

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As you surely know by now, Rebel News never bends the knee, so we recently had one of our lawyers send a letter to Brampton, Ontario's Mayor Patrick Brown.

Earlier this month, we received a viewer tip that Mayor Brown was breaking his own COVID-19 pandemic rules to play hockey at the local Earnscliffe Recreation Centre. After we confronted him and published the results, Brown responded with a series of untrue statements both on Twitter and in various local media.

When the Brampton bylaw website was mysteriously updated the day after we published our video of Brown at the hockey rink, we launched a legal complaint with Brampton's Integrity Commissioner.

You can catch up on the whole story by visiting

And today I'll read you a letter send by our legal team to Patrick Brown.

We're standing our ground as asking Mayor Brown to do the right thing. Correct the record. Admit to the lies. And I hope he does so in the days ahead.

But if he doesn’t, well, let’s put it this way, Mr. Brown: you’re going to have to tell it to a judge. Under oath.

If you can help us cover the costs of these letters, please visit to chip in. Thank you!

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