DEBUNKING Patrick Brown’s 5 Lies: Mayor caught breaking own lockdown rules at hockey rink

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This weekend, thanks to a viewer tip, we released a twenty minute video showing Brampton, Ontario mayor Patrick Brown breaking his own COVID-19 rules at a hockey rink.

If you missed the video, you can watch it here: Caught Lying: Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules.

That was astonishing.

Despite his own lockdown rules, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has been playing taxpayer funded hockey with his pals at an arena, at a cost of $1,000 per day. Can you help us hold Mayor Patrick Brown to account?

Here's how Mayor Brown spun the incident at the rink, and here's our response:

Did Rebel News impersonate LeafsTV?

In a Tweet, Patrick Brown says that my cameramen and I were pretending to be with LeafsTV. But you saw me on the video identifying myself and my organization. You saw me holding a mic with the Rebel News flash on it.

Here to Check the Ice!

Brown said he was there to check out the facility, not to play hockey. But if he was there to inspect the joint, why did he have a helper bring his hockey bag emblazoned with PATRICK BROWN #00 and sticks?

Patrick Brown #00

Time Left on the Clock

In a Brampton Guardian article published on Sunday, one day after our video was released, Brown said he got to the rink at 5:50pm. But a closer look at our footage show 5:25 on the clock.

Bylaw Makes a Bad Call

In the same the Brampton Guardian article, the director of bylaw enforcement, Paul Morrison, states that Patrick Brown didn’t do anything wrong in terms of his conduct — but Morrison is referring to a modification of the bylaw... a modification that was only made after we released our video.

Improper Equipment (No Mask!)

On July 8, 2020, Mayor Brown signed the city’s mask bylaw mandating non-medical masks or face coverings in all indoor public spaces in the City of Brampton. And in the video, you can see that Brown himself wasn't wearing a mask.

Patrick Brown not wearing a mask in Brampton hockey rink

What did they say about Watergate back in the day? “It wasn’t the crime; it was the cover-up”?

Patrick Brown: here’s another saying that describes you, albeit slightly modified: “Liar, liar, hockey pants on fire.”

In response to this egregious hypocrisy, we filed a lawyer's letter to the City of Brampton demanding they investigate Mayor Brown's repeated, flagrant violation of his own laws.

Can you help us cover the costs of our lawyer's letter demanding an investigation in to Patrick Brown's bylaw violations?

CLICK HERE to donate or visit Thank you for your support!

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