Delete TikTok! Warning from cybersecurity expert Ali Taghva

On the latest episode of The Ezra Levant Show, former Post Millennial editor-in-chief Ali Taghva joined me to talk about how he's getting out of the news business and into cyber security.

In this interview (subscribe to RebelNews+ watch the full show!), Ali talks about how his experience growing up in Iran influenced his decision to develop The Post Millennial, which started in a small office in Montreal.

But Ali is getting out of the news business, and his new line of work uses blockchain technology to add security measures to programs you already use. Blockchain is the same technology that powers Bitcoin, and its popularity is due to the fact that the operator of a blockchain isn't able to decrypt the messages sent by users.

On the flip side, unlike with a bank account, if a user forgets their password they can't just call up the blockchain provider and get their access back!

Ezra asks Ali about the security of different programs, in particular the Chinese-owned TikTok ap. Companies based in China, including tech giant Huawei, are required to grant access to communist government. Recently, US government agencies including the TSA and the Army have banned the risky app.

Ali agrees with the security fears: Delete TikTok!