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Deposed Conservative candidate Lisa Robinson weighs in on efforts to clear her name and Erin O'Toole

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Viewers may recall that one of the latest victims of cancel culture (the Canadian edition) was Lisa Robinson.

Until early September, Robinson was the Conservative candidate for the Toronto riding of Beaches-East York. Until, alas, she was smeared by her Liberal opponent — and then inexplicably backstabbed by her own party.

The story dates back to Friday, September 10. That’s when Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, the incumbent Liberal candidate for Beaches-East York, published a tweet with a number of screenshots that were allegedly snatched from Robinson's social media feed. One of the statements was considered to be Islamophobic.

Just one hitch: Robinson claims she never wrote those comments, and that the account isn’t even hers. In fact, Robinson says this smear campaign against her goes back to 2018 when she was running for municipal office. When the defamatory comments originally surfaced in 2018, Robinson says she went as far as reporting the incident to police.

When these old, false comments resurfaced last September, Robinson requested that her Liberal rival delete the defamatory accusations and apologize or face a lawsuit; the Erskine-Smith camp, meanwhile, told Robinson she’d have to prove her innocence first.

But time was not on Robinson’s side. She had to file a freedom of information request in order to obtain the police report, something that would take at least 30 days (and election day was only 10 days away.)

But not only was time not on Robinson’s side, but her party turned out to be a fair-weather friend, too.

When the odious accusations against Robinson surfaced on Friday morning, a Conservative party staffer told her that they “had her back,” and that the party’s legal team would vigorously fight for her. By Friday evening, the story suddenly changed. Thanks to a few phone calls from the mainstream media, the CPC’s head honchos folded like cheap lawn chairs. Instead of “having” her back, they were now sticking a metaphorical knife into her back, insisting that Robinson resign — or they would fire her (and it would be ugly.)

And yet, Robinson asks, whatever happened to the concept of, you know, innocent until proven guilty?

Currently, she’s still waiting to receive her information from Durham Regional Police. But in the meantime, like so many people — be it Conservative MPs or Conservative voters — she finds it inexplicable that Erin O’Toole has yet to be jettisoned from the party.

Indeed, as so many witnessed with shock, O’Toole became the “me too!” candidate in the 2021 federal election, parroting Liberal policies such as the gun ban and carbon taxes in an ill-advised strategy to appeal to left-of-centre voters in big cities while yet again, disrespecting the party’s base.

Incredibly, on election night, when it was surely known by the CPC war room that the Conservatives were going down in flames yet again, the O’Toole camp actually issued a press release noting that if the Justin Trudeau Liberals were held to a minority, the Conservatives were going to proclaim victory!  (We imagine Erin O’Toole also proclaims victory when he plays chess and the game ends in a stalemate…)

And just witness the shameful way O’Toole bends to MSM pressure when it comes to throwing his own candidates under the bus, be it Lisa Robinson or Derek Sloan. We would call Mr. O’Toole spineless, but alas, we do not want to be offensive to the jellyfish community…

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