DeSantis: the border crisis is “intentional" because Biden admin believes in open borders

DeSantis: the border crisis is “intentional
AP Photo/Lynne Sladky
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted Democrat President Joe Biden during an interview over the ongoing border crisis, saying he believed the crisis to be “intentional” because the Biden administration believes in “open borders.”

The governor’s comments come as the southern border crisis continues to worsen, with arrests of illegal aliens last month skyrocketing to a 674 per cent increase as compared to May of 2020 when 23,237 illegal aliens were apprehended.

“Why won’t Joe Biden manage the border?” Fox News host Mark Levin asked DeSantis. “Why won’t Joe Biden enforce federal immigration laws? Why won’t Joe Biden put in place policies that have an orderly way for people to apply to come into the United States? Why is the border wide open with all the mayhem and anarchy and all the horror that’s going on down there? What is Joe Biden’s motive here?”

“Well, I think it’s intentional, Mark,” DeSantis responded. “And I’m not sure how much Biden is engaged in this. But certainly a lot of the people that have the sway in the White House on a day-to-day basis, I believe on an ideological basis, they believe in open borders. Now, the public is strongly against what’s going on there. So I think they’re taking a toll, it’s taking a toll on them politically. But they knew by undoing Donald Trump’s policies, which were succeeding, that this would happen, it has happened.”

“And they really show a disregard for all the problems that emanate as a result of this, the people that are trafficked, all the drugs pouring across the border, increasing lawlessness,” he continued. “So it’s got to the point where Texas is doing it on their own, Arizona, they asked other states for help. So Florida has stepped up. And we’re gonna send folks to help stem the tide of what’s going on down at the southern border, but it’s a clear failure of leadership. But I do believe that this is an intentional policy rooted in an open borders ideology.”

DeSantis has been one of Biden’s most vocal critics, winning the hearts of conservatives. The governor has taken the lead over former President Trump in a recent straw poll for the 2024 election among registered Republicans.

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