Desperately seeking Emily (as in Hillstrom, as in John Tory’s mistress – who now has a cushy gig at MLSE)

Tory is now thankfully yesterday’s man. But where is Emily Hillstrom, who until recently, was being paid by the taxpayer to shag her superior?

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Hey sports fans! Welcome to our latest installment of, “What’s the story, Mr. Tory” – as in John Tory, the ex-mayor of Toronto who recently had to resign in disgrace.

As you may recall, Mayor Tory was that uber-righteous man who portrayed himself as Hogtown’s moral compass during the COVID-19 scamdemic. But alas, it turns out the Mayor wasn’t all that moral himself.

You see, during the height of COVID, when we were all hunkering down under threat of fines or imprisonment, it turns out that John Tory was having a prolonged sexual fling with City of Toronto staffer, Emily Hillstrom. That’s right: we had to wear masks, we had to socially distance, we couldn’t congregate – and yet, while all of this nonsense was being pronounced and enforced by Mayor Tory, Johnnie himself was getting up close and really, really personal with Hillstrom… who, by the way, is some 37 years his junior. Yikes!

Tory is now thankfully yesterday’s man. But where is Emily Hillstrom, who until recently, was being paid by the taxpayer to shag her superior?

Well, lo and behold: Emily now has a cushy gig at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, the mega-corporation that owns the Leafs, Raptors, Marlies, TFC and the Argos.

Isn’t that interesting? Because we can’t help but ponder that perhaps her lover, Mr. Tory, had something to do with Hillstrom getting that plum position. After all, Tory has close ties to Rogers… which happens to co-own MLSE. How convenient!

And not to be impolite, but while Ms. Hillstrom would seem to excel at that international pastime known as horizontal jogging, what does she know about professional hockey, basketball, soccer, and football?

We visited MLSE recently to find out. No one was available to answer our queries (including Hillstrom herself.) And get this: MLSE security guards threatened to arrest us for trespassing for conducting streeters on a public sidewalk! (Sorry, MLSE, you might own almost all of Hogtown’s pro sports franchises, but you do not own the sidewalks outside Scotiabank Arena…)

Later, we received an email from MLSE spokesman Dave Haggith who stated the following: "MLSE does not disclose details related to personal and private Human Resources matters, but in the interest of quelling harmful speculation, we can confirm the employee in question was hired on the basis of merit and we were unaware of any relationships other than those that were purely professional. This will remain an internal personnel matter and the company will not make further comment.”

While we appreciate the response, such as it is, how could MLSE not have been aware of the Tory/Hillstrom fling given it was front-page news for several days?

Something stinks here. Indeed, perhaps the hiring practices of MLSE speak volumes: namely, could it be that when it comes to getting a job with this organization, it’s really not about what you know but rather, it's all about who you know? Indeed, little wonder that Toronto’s hockey club last won the Stanley Cup when Lester Pearson was Prime Minister.

Oh well, as they like to clamour from the cheap seats: “Go Leafs Go!” Then again, given recent certain circumstances, is it now a matter of, “Blow Leafs blow”?

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  • By David Menzies

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