INTERVIEW: Did B.C. Conservative leader John Rustad have a point comparing SOGI 123 to residential schools?

Leader faces backlash, yet poll numbers tell a different story.

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Conservative Party of B.C. Leader John Rustad has faced backlash from political opponents and in mainstream media reports for championing the issue of rising concerns over the sexualization of kids in B.C. schools.

However, a spike of support in recent polls indicates the strong performance of his party against the official opposition, the B.C. United Party, and reveals that the critics' bark, doesn't have a lot of bite.

In today's report, I sit down to interview Rustad to discuss some of the criticisms he's received from staunch supporters of the province's controversial sexual orientation gender identity program, called SOGI 123.

SOGI 123 is at the core of many parents' concerns, due to it paving the way for sexually explicit books to be labelled as "learning resources".

The program also trains educators to teach what many view as LGBTQ+ sex activism and gender confusion. Skeptical parents say it is not age-appropriate and at odds with their family's spiritual and ideological beliefs.

With so many politicians claiming to care about truth and reconciliation for Indigenous peoples, and the lessons learned from the state snatching their children and putting them in residential schools, some struggle to comprehend why the B.C. Conservatives are alone in condemning this "state knows better than parents" education model.

Instead, Rustad was not only condemned by B.C. Premier David Eby for voicing parents' concerns about SOGI 123 in the legislature, but blasted by political opponents when he cautioned about the logical correlation between parents being unable to opt out of the fluid SOGI 123 ideology.

Did you know a second 1 Million March 4 Children against the sexualization of children is set to take place on October 21? To help support the costs involved in bringing you the nationwide coverage you can trust, please donate what you can at

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