Did Israel broker a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia — and did Joe Biden nix it?

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We don’t talk that much about the Ukraine war on Rebel News. We’re against wars — they are a failure to resolve problems peacefully and they punish civilians, women and children, while setting back entire civilizations. 

A shocking revelation was made by former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, suggesting that a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine was brokered but was ultimately blocked by US President Joe Biden.

Bennett, who was Prime Minister during the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, claims to have secretly flown to Russia to meet with President Putin, where the two reached an agreement for Russia to renounce the denazification of Ukraine and disarmament in exchange for Ukraine renouncing NATO membership.

Bennett stated that he was working in conjunction with the US, Germany, and France, following guidance from US State Department officials, including Joe Biden himself. However, Bennett claimed that despite a promising outcome, the US blocked the deal and continued to "keep striking Putin."

Bennett noted the devastating impact of the war on Ukraine, including the death toll and refugee crisis, and suggested that Biden made the decision for US interests, not Ukrainian interests.

You can watch the full interview here:

This news raises questions about the truth of Bennett's claims, the motivations behind Biden's decision, and the end goal of the war in Ukraine. It also raises concerns about the possibility of a two-front world war and the openness of the west to a diplomatic solution.

In the wake of these developments, it's important to question the dominant narratives and motivations driving the war in Ukraine. Wars have always resulted in widespread destruction and suffering, particularly for civilians, and this war in Ukraine is no exception. Is anyone open to a diplomatic solution and is the west is prepared to fight a two-front world war?

However, discussing these issues without being labeled a pro-Putin agent can be difficult. Nevertheless, it's crucial to engage in open and honest discussions about the motivations and consequences of war, as well as the potential for peace. The cost of war is simply too high to ignore, and it's vital that all sides seek justice and freedom, not just peace.

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