Did Pfizer test its COVID vax for transmission prevention? Listen to what this exec says

Ezra Levant shares his reaction to a controversial statement made to European Parliament by a Pfizer executive.

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This week, a member of European Parliament shared a clip of a question he posed to a Pfizer executive during a hearing.

In the clip, which is closing in on 10 million views on Twitter alone, Rob Roos, a Dutch MEP, asks Janine Small, a Pfizer executive, whether the company studied if its COVID vaccine blocked transmission of the virus before its public rollout.

The Pfizer executive's answer has sparked headlines across the world and has rekindled debates surrounding the necessity of vaccine mandates.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant opened the show by sharing his thoughts on just what this clip means, particularly given the wording chosen by both Roos and Small.

In his question, Roos asked about “transmission”; in her reply, Small answered using the word “immunization”.

What does this exchange mean? Is it a clear indictment of Big Pharma's failure to test its product? Was the question misunderstood or was something lost in the finer details? As Ezra says, it's not entirely clear because of the words that were used, but it definitely warrants a further conversation:

He said was it tested on whether it stopped transmission and I don't think she answered using the same words. It's a very interesting clip, I'm not actually 100% sold on it, to be candid, because I don't think his question was vague at all.

His question was very clear, he sort of asked it a couple times, actually. And he was speaking English and she was speaking English — but I don't know if her answer was on point.

I'm not making excuses for her. He said was the vaccine tested to stop transmission, and she replied using the word immunization. So, I'm actually not 100% sold on this but I'm sold enough to want a clarification, I would want a follow-up. I really do want the answer to the question: was there any testing to block transmission?


The idea of it blocking transmission, that was one of the rationales that was cooked up during COVID-19 for the vaccine mandate.

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