Dion Bews: CBC knew guitar maker “Dion James” was convicted of assaulting Sheila at Women's March

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CBC tried to whitewash the past of a man who abused a woman, and I have the exclusive documents that show the reaction of the public to what CBC did. And no, I am not talking about Justin Trudeau or Jian Ghomeshi this time. I am talking about Dion Bews, the man who assaulted me in 2017 at the Women’s March at the Alberta Legislature.

CBC reported on the assault when it happened. Then, four years later, CBC ran a story about my assaulter. An advertorial, actually, a print ad for Bews’ guitar-making business masquerading as a news article, without ever mentioning who he was or what he did. But I knew, and so did you.

They referred to him as Dion James, but it was Dion James Bews. The guy who punched me for being a conservative woman getting a tongue bath and his business protected during the pandemic.

I wanted to know how this happened, so we filed a freedom of information request with the CBC to get the details and internal communications about the fallout of the story.

I hate everything about this. I hate thinking about this stupid day. I hate how I was treated by the legal system. I can’t stand Bews' weaselly face. I loathe the CBC for trying to dress him up in crinolines and lace. And I don’t like being part of the story. But the support I saw in here for me from the public made digging back into this all worth it.

Thank you, viewers who wrote to the CBC. You take the safety of journalists more seriously than CBC does, clearly.

I’ll remember this every time I see CBC lamenting their female journalists getting mean tweets. They gave the guy who assaulted me free publicity, spied on me and never amended their story to reflect the true facts.

But it's CBC, so they are pretty good at ignoring the facts about men who put their hands on women. Just look at how they treat Justin Trudeau.

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  • By Rebel News

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