Disgraceful! Pro-Hamas thugs desecrate Al Waxman’s statue in Toronto’s Kensington Market

When Rebel News paid a visit to the statue on Sunday evening, the statue's upper body area was covered by a garbage bag, and the area around the statue was sealed off with yellow police caution tape, as if it were a crime scene.

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Canadians of a certain age will no doubt fondly remember Waxman as the titular character of the CBC sitcom that ran from 1975 to 1980. Following his death in 2001, a statue of Al Waxman was erected in Bellevue Park.

In addition to being a well-respected TV star and director, Waxman was also a philanthropist.

Indeed, what’s not to love?

Alas, when it comes to the odious pro-Hamas thugs who subscribe to violence, vandalism, and chants of genocide, nothing is offside these days – especially when it comes to attacking Jews simply for being… Jewish.

Since last October, Jewish restaurants and businesses and even communities have been attacked by these pathetic Pals. Toronto is not the Middle East and most Canadian Jews are not transplanted Israelis. But Team Hamas does not care. Simply being a Jew is a crime in Canada of 2024; and apparently, with respect to the Al Waxman statue, even being a deceased Jew is a crime, too.

And so it was that at some point last weekend someone spray painted “vote Hamas” on the Waxman statue. And or some inexplicable reason, the vandal also painted the face of the statue brown. Nearby, a poster brandishing the genocidal chant of “from the river to the sea” was on display.

When Rebel News paid a visit to the statue on Sunday evening, the statue’s upper body area was covered by a garbage bag and the area around the statue was sealed off with yellow police caution tape as if it were a crime scene. Then again, it was a crime scene – a hate crime.

Alas, antisemitism is once again very much in vogue in the world these days thanks to Israel having the temerity to defend herself and her citizens. So much for “never again”…

And some 48 hours after the statue was vandalized, Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow had yet to condemn this vile act. Ditto for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Not surprisingly, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was AWOL on this file, too. After all, we know Ford’s stance when it comes to “offensive” statues: this coward prefers that the statutes be covered up. That remains the situation on the south lawn of Queen’s Park, where the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald remains entombed in a makeshift coffin with a garbage bag wrapped around his head.

You see, Ontario’s chief cherry cheesecake eating enthusiast doesn’t want the rank and file of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to be “triggered” by the very sight of our first prime minister, so Sir John remains shrouded in a pseudo-burqa. Thus, we wouldn’t be surprised if Flip Flop Ford would advocate for the Al Waxman statue to be covered up as well. Doug Ford is a superstar when it comes to bending the knee.

As we await the arrival of a clean-up crew from the City of Toronto (city staffers are no doubt too busy maintaining the bike lane infrastructure) the Toronto Police Service – which apparently is taking a break from delivering coffee and Timbits to the pro-Hamas hooligans – is now investigating this latest crime.

In the meantime, if you are as appalled as we are by the behaviour of these “mostly peaceful protestors”, please sign our petition at www.DeportHamas.com. Clearly, our nation has been infected with too many migrants and foreign students who do not subscribe to western values – and many of these people aren’t even Canadian citizens. Kindly sign the petition and let’s make deportation great again.

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