“Dishonest dud” Erin O'Toole losing ground in Alberta polls | Lorne Gunter with Ezra Levant

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A new poll from Liberal-linked Abacus Data shows that the Liberal Party is — shockingly — gaining ground in Alberta.

But just how believable is that poll? Is support for Justin Trudeau suddenly growing in Alberta? If so, why? And if it's not for Trudeau, who is benefitting?

Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter joined The Ezra Levant Show on last Friday's episode to talk about his interpretation of this poll, and where he thinks the slip in Conservative Party support is shifting to.

After describing the issues he sees with Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole, Lorne told Ezra that he thinks:

[T]he Abacus data is way off in the west on the Liberals. I do not sense any support for the Liberals beyond the usual suspects — you know, a few downtown lawyers in the big cities, people who are looking to be appointed to the bench at some point and the activists who always like the Liberals. You get beyond that group, there is no sense that I get of any support for the Liberals.

I think what's happening federally is what's happened provincially in Alberta, and that is that the [United Conservative Party] government under Jason Kenney is not very popular, it's support is under 30 per cent, but the big beneficiary is not the Liberals, it's not the New Democrats — the New Democrats are exactly the same support level that they've been at since they were defeated in the 2019 election — the big beneficiaries have been the undecideds.

Undecided provincially in Alberta are almost up to 30 per cent, and that's because you have a lot of right of centre people who don't think that the UCP is serving them. And I think you've got the same dynamic going on federally.

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