Doctor testifies on COVID harms and Trudeau's dictator-like language at National Citizen's Inquiry

An expert in PTSD, Dr. Greg Passey weighs in on whether restrictions in the name COVID-19 safety caused Canadians to suffer from PTSD-like symptoms and the language used by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) probing into Canada’s COVID-19 response and how it impacted citizens is wrapping up its Vancouver-area hearings today.

The NCI, which has been largely ignored by the legacy media, has been holding hearings across Canada since mid-March. From May 2–4, the NCI has settled in at the Coast Langley City Hotel Convention Centre to hear testimony from 12 expert witnesses in addition to several citizens who were negatively impacted by the federal or provincial governments COVID-19 response.

Expert witnesses testifying in Greater Vancouver include:

  • Matthew Evans Cockle: researcher
  • Dr. Richard Schabas: former Ontario public health officer
  • Alan Cassels: public administrator
  • William Warren Munroe: prior provincial government population analyst for British Columbia
  • James Kitchen: litigation lawyer
  • Jeff Sandes: journalist
  • Gail Davidson: extensive experience in international human rights law. Member of the Law Society of BC, retired status
  • Chris Shaw, PhD: neuroscientist
  • Dr. Charles Hoffe: family physician
  • Edward Dowd: author of “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022
  • Dr. Steve Pelech: professor in the division of neurology at UBC
  • Dr. Greg Passey: psychiatrist with expertise in PTSD

In today's report, I pull aside one of those experts, Dr. Greg Passey, who is an international expert in Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder. In our interview, Dr. Passey weighs in on whether or not life with COVID-19 measures has caused some Canadians to suffer from trauma like PTSD, and also gives Canadians a strong word of caution about the type of dictator-like language Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used when describing Canadians who didn’t comply with his COVID-19 demands.

Rebel News has more interviews coming from the NCI’s B.C. hearings and will also be bringing you coverage about the NCI’s next scheduled hearings in Quebec.

Just like the NCI, Rebel News is completely independent from government interests. If you appreciate our work, bringing you the other side of the story on issues the state-preferred media selectively reports on, you can click here to donate towards the costs of our journalism.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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