Doctor who had his licence revoked goes on the offensive, launches criminal investigation against his college

'We have the right to freedom of medical choice. I don’t think the one size fits all model approach is beneficial for anyone,' says a patient of Dr. Khan whose unique treatment was almost uninterrupted by the CPSO’s actions.

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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) revoked the medical licence of Dr. Akbar Khan, who has been offering off-label cancer treatments to Ontarians through his clinic for approximately 15 years.

He has since filed criminal allegations against the CPSO that include fabrication of evidence and obstruction of justice. In a previous report, Dr. Khan asserts that he has all the proof.

At the hearing on August 29th, paralegal Uri Kogan says it took him hours to detail the case. He was ultimately unable to get through the breadth of evidence and the hearing will continue on September 19th.

If “people in a position of power or authority are not acting properly then that should be most vigorously investigated,” says Kogan.

Due to the unique nature of the treatments that Dr. Khan offers to terminally ill cancer patients, he says that there are “not a lot of doctors who are knowledgeable in the type of treatment that we do. I could teach a doctor – that’s not the issue – but most of them are afraid,” Khan says, alluding to the intimidation techniques employed by the CPSO.

The clinic is currently operable through its hiring of a Nurse Practitioner (NP). The NP is able to order tests and prescribe treatments to ensure that patient care is uninterrupted.

A patient of Dr. Khan, Mike Nichols, details both an increased quality and quantity of life through the unique therapies that he is offered. Since being under the care of Dr. Khan, Nicholas has been cancer-free.

Another patient, former Team Canada Olympic Wrestler Michelle Fazzari, recounts the difference in her post-chemotherapy symptoms using the therapies that Dr. Khan’s clinic offers. “My quality of life – to be able to go out and hang out with friends and have that social aspect – became a lot easier. I could get out of bed again, I could go for walks and do things that made me happy,” she shares.

Both patients were devastated to think where they would be without the treatments offered by Dr. Khan when the CPSO revoked his licence.

“I would do absolutely anything to help him, because he’s done absolutely everything to help me,” commits Fazzari. “I think people need to understand that we need to have freedom of medical choice. I should be able to decide where I go and what I want to do for treatment. I don’t think the one size fits all model approach is beneficial for anyone – what works for one person may not work for the other and I think we deserve to have a choice.”

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