Docs reveal cost of Patrick Brown's lockdown, guards sent to cemetery to enforce social distancing

An exclusive Rebel News investigation shows the contract with Paladin Security to help with COVID enforcement in Brampton was estimated to cost in excess of $12.1 million.

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Patrick Brown has thrown his hat into the ring to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. The former leader of the Ontario PCs, and the current mayor of Brampton, Ontario is attempting to rebrand himself as one of the early anti-lockdown mayors in the country.

At his Sunday campaign announcement, Brown claimed, “when COVID lockdowns threatened the freedoms of families, and businesses... I was one of the only big city mayors to speak out.”

This is a total rewriting of Brown's own history during the pandemic, and we have the documents to prove it.

Brown hired the private security firm Paladin to help enforce his brutal lockdown that primarily targeted the city's children. Parks and soccer fields were fenced off and recreation centres were given additional security. Playgrounds were fortified, and guards were stationed to catch any children who got any big ideas about having fun outdoors.

Brown's increased level of COVID enforcement at Brampton city recreation facilities happened at the same time Brown was caught, personal hockey bag in hand and maskless, at a city rink, where he went to play a game of pickup hockey with his friends. Brown explained at the time that he was simply there, with his hockey equipment, and all of his hockey friends, to inspect the ice surface.

Our exclusive access to information documents show the total cost of Brown's lockdown enforcers. The contract with Paladin to help with COVID enforcement in the city of Brampton was estimated to cost in excess of $12.1 million. Brampton officials were so keen to enforce Brown's lockdown that they paid Paladin a pandemic premium fee of $55 to $65 an hour per guard.

Paladin Security suggested hiring unlicensed guards to meet the increased demands of Brampton for lockdown enforcement.

Documents also detail how Brampton city officials insisted on increased security checks and enforcement surveillance to be done at the city's municipal cemetery. Two additional guards were stationed there. Additional guards were also sent to the soccer centre to make sure teenagers weren't having fun between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Paladin security guards were also stationed in the city's parks to make sure that residents did not fail to social distance while looking at trees in bloom.

Today's documents revealing Patrick Brown's enthusiasm for lockdowns as mayor of Brampton are only available to us through your generous donations to our access to information and investigative journalism fund. To make a donation please visit

More information about Patrick Brown's leadership bid can be found on his official campaign website.



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