Does Bill Morneau have dirt on Trudeau? Manny Montenegrino breaks down Morneau's resignation

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On Tuesday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, friend of the show and ThinkSharp CEO Manny Montenegrino joined Ezra to talk about Finance Minister Bill Morneau's resignation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet.

For Manny, the comparison between former finance minister Jim Flaherty — who steered the Canadian economy through the Great Recession of 2008 alongside former prime minister Stephen Harper  and the outgoing Morneau could not be more stark. Of Flaherty, Manny said:

He received an award in 2009, a European award, as best finance minister. I wondered why [he] wasn't going to a major law firm. He could make in the millions, why not go down [to the U.S.] with Citi Bank or some other big institution that could pay him 10 million dollars. Jim looked me square in the eye and said, 'Manny I still have a job to do. We're not out of [the Great Recession] yet. My promise to Canadians is to get a balanced budget and we're on our way there.'

And I walked away from there saying wow, here's a guy that's leaving millions at the table just to perform his public duties. 

In contrast, Manny thought Morneau's resignation was purely about himself, saying:

I can't believe that Canadians  any Canadian  would accept a person saying, 'yeah I took this job but you know what? I'm quitting because I'm done. I'm bored. And I'm going to go try and get this other job and I'm going to leave you Canadians in a crisis.'

That is the utter complete opposite of Jim Flaherty. How Canadians are not outraged by the selfishness, by the lack of public duty; he understood the challenges, we are within only the beginning of trying to get out from [the debts caused by] this pandemic and he's already bailing. 

I'm not shocked. This is a proven unethical minister who already has a guilty finding under the Conflict of Interest Act.

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