Does Trudeau’s “shady” finance minister need to go? Common man says, “Hell yes!”

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Enough is enough. Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau must step down due to his numerous conflicts of interest

This week we drove a giant billboard truck through the streets of Toronto’s financial district, demanding that Bill Morneau be fired as finance minister.

It’s not just a billboard truck. It’s like a mobile Jumbotron — with giant, bright TVs on the back and sides of the truck. You can’t miss it. Everyone was talking about it. People were taking “selfies” in front of it.

It had short, powerful messages on it that the Liberals wish would go away, like:

  • - Bill Morneau hid his French villa from the ethics boss. Why?
  • - Morneau profited $5M from tax changes he implemented
  • - Morneau's staff say he never recused himself from conflicts
  • - Sign the petition, stop the corruption

And, wow, did people on the street love it!

Most people on Bay Street were too rushed to stop to talk with us. But on the main street, people had plenty to say, and it was nearly unanimous: Bill Morneau has got to go.

I believe we’re making a difference — fighting corrupt Liberals in a way that no-one else is willing to do.

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  • By Keean Bexte

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