Does Waterloo Catholic's director of education agree with a racist, sexist, anti-Christian tweet?

David Menzies catches up with Waterloo Catholic District School Board director of education Tyrone Dowling, pressing him about a vile tweet sent out by a now-former school board trustee.

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Is the woke rot deeper than we first thought when it comes to the Kitchener, Ont.-based Waterloo Catholic District School Board? That would seem to be the case, at least when it comes to the board’s director of education, Tyrone Dowling.

By way of background, last month, a vile tweet emerged from trustee Wendy Ashby. She proclaimed the following: “The most dangerous creature on the planet is the White Christian male. They’re a threat to anyone who is not them.” It was staggering that a Catholic school board trustee could be so racist, sexist and anti-Christian.

So it was that dozens of concerned parents packed WCDSB meetings in late April and early May, demanding that Ashby step down.

While two trustees issued public statements condemning her vile tweet, Dowling and other top officials with the board seemed hellbent on sweeping the Wendy Ashby controversy under the rug.

For example, the board banned reporters from independent media outlets such as Rebel News and Campaign Life Coalition for two years; apparently, asking impolite questions is not permissible. Talk about shooting the messenger! (Not to worry: this ban will be legally challenged in court in the weeks ahead.)

The board also chastised concerned parents for being “disruptive” (i.e., demanding the resignation of Ashby.)

Stated the board:

At a Board meeting held on Monday April 24, 2023, a number of individuals were disruptive, causing the meeting to be briefly recessed. Waterloo Regional Police were called to ensure the safety of all those in attendance. No arrests were made, and no further police action was required. The meeting resumed and Trustees received the presentation from the meeting’s sole registered delegation.


However, despite receiving protection from the school board, Ashby recently tendered her resignation. Shockingly, her letter of resignation makes for incredible reading for all the wrong reasons. For example, Ashby offers no apology for her egregious statements; rather, she seems to paint herself as the victim.

But we wanted to know for certain whether or not the WCDSB director of education condemned or approved of Ashby’s sentiments. So, we visited a Kitchener banquet hall in which Dowling would be in attendance (given that to visit the WCDSB headquarters would result in trespass charges).

And prior to the event, we asked several fair and relevant questions about the Ashby scandal. Alas, it seemed as though Dowling had taken a vow of silence — he wouldn’t respond to any queries. Such as:

Rebel News: Do you believe that the white Christian male is the “most dangerous creature on the planet?”

Dowling: No response.

Rebel News: Why did you not call for Ashby’s resignation?

Dowling: No response.

Rebel News: Are you gong to have a byelection to replace Ashby or are you going to appoint a new trustee who is just as woke?

Dowling: No response.

Rebel News: Why did you ban independent media outlets from covering WCDSB meetings?

Dowling: No response.

Rinse and repeat…

We will give Dowling credit for a couple of things: unlike the WCDSB meeting in April, he did not run away to his “safe space”. Nor did he call the police.

But his resounding silence speaks volumes. And it could only really mean one of two things: either Dowling is camera shy. Or he actually subscribes to Ashby’s vile sentiments.

If the latter is the case, our hearts go out to the parents whose children of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Because if Dowling gets his way and cherry-picks his own replacement candidate, well, it could mean that the beleaguered taxpayers of Waterloo Region might just be in for more of the same.

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