Dollarama Karen UPDATE: Corporate steps in on mask exempt shopper

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Time to forgive, forget and... to go back shopping for stuff at  Dollarama.

At the most recent #YahooNation protest, we bumped into Lynda Brownlee. She’s the lady we featured last month who felt harassed and downright bullied by a belligerent “Karen” at a Dollarama store in the east end of Toronto.

Lynda’s “crime”? She wasn’t wearing a mask. The humanity!

But Lynda calmly informed the inexplicably angry Karen that she had a bona fide medical exemption that permits her to go mask-free (Lynda suffers from fainting spells if she wears a mask). But the rude stranger did not care and continued to verbally abuse her; it was all captured on video.

But the insult to injury part was this: Lynda was told by a security guard to hurry up and pay for her merchandise and leave the store as soon as possible because she was to blame for the disturbance!

The good news is that the corporate head office at  agreed with Lynda that the store handled this situation poorly. A Dollarama spokeswoman told me that Dollarama recognizes that those who have a medical exemption regarding the mask rule are indeed allowed to shop at Dollarama without having to don a face covering.

Furthermore, she said the store’s employees will be reminded about the mask policy and its exemptions.

And that’s good enough for Lynda, who told me last Saturday that she will indeed be headed back to . In fact, she doesn’t even want an apology — just an opportunity to shop in peace, free from over-the-top virtue-signalling and rhetoric of various random wild Karens.

That doesn’t sound like too much to ask for now, does it?

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