Don Cherry fired for poppy rant: Woke lefties think supporting veterans is fascist

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Canadian icon Don Cherry has been fired by Rogers Sportsnet for comments he made on Hockey Night in Canada this past weekend.

Cherry lamented the sagging popularity of the traditional Remembrance Day poppy in the Canadian psyche – something that has been acknowledged already by many.

Don Cherry was one of the few remaining conservative voices in Canadian popular culture. For example, he supported Stephen Harper back in 2006 because Harper, Cherry said, “supports the troops, and I support the troops”

Cherry’s departure is all but being celebrated by his former colleagues at the CBC. Rosemary Barton took to Twitter just moments after Cherry’s firing to say, “Still not a peep from Cherry.”

Cherry did more than comment on the sport and wear unique suits. Cherry had a long career on and off the ice, as a player, coach, and pundit.

Despite never receiving the Order of Canada, the Royal Canadian Legion made Cherry a Dominion Command Honorary Life Member, and much to the chagrin of Rosemary Barton, Cherry was anointed one a top ten Greatest Canadian in October 2004 by the CBC, if only because the state broadcaster was forced to count votes cast by ordinary Canadians. But despite (or maybe because of all this) now one multi-generational Canadian tradition — tuning in to see what Cherry would say after the first period, and what he’d be wearing — is over. All because he chose to defend another, even more important one.

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