Don’t complain about 'trans influencers' at Shoppers Drug Mart— or else staff might call the police! Just ask Judy Lawrence

Lawrence says Shoppers staffers were 'freaked out' by her discourse, branding her as 'transphobic.' Indeed, she was told that her presence had turned the store into an 'unsafe space.' Unbelievable…

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Woke madness continues, even at the consumer level…

Just ask Judy Lawrence of Toronto. She recently visited the Shoppers Drug Mart store located at the Manulife Centre in downtown Toronto. Her purpose: she was returning some Maybelline cosmetics given that this company is using fake female “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney to promote the merchandise.

The fact that Maybelline, which is owned by Paris-based cosmetics giant L’Oreal, would go down this marketing route is a story unto itself. For starters, one would assume that Maybelline sells the lion’s share of its cosmetics to that gender known as “women.” And the company’s alliance with Mulvaney comes on the heels of the Bud Light fiasco. The question arises: are some companies actually trying to go out of business in the name of wokeness?

In any event, Lawrence decided to participate in the Maybelline boycott. So it was that she returned her Maybelline cosmetics to the Manulife Shoppers Drug Mart, the store where she had originally purchased the items. Of note: Lawrence did not want a refund; rather, she simply wanted Shoppers staff to know why she was returning the merchandise. This is to say, that as a real, biological woman, she was offended that the company was using a male transvestite as its spokesthingy.

Alas, this turned out to be a grave error in terms of uttering a thought crime. Lawrence says Shoppers staffers “freaked out” by her discourse, branding her as being “transphobic.” Indeed, she was told that her presence had turned the store into an “unsafe space.” Unbelievable…

What’s even more unbelievable is that someone at the store called mall security and even the Toronto Police Service! Lawrence claims she was treated harshly by a cop who promptly arrived at the scene of the “crime.” He originally wanted to handcuff Lawrence and place her in the back of a police cruiser; instead, after Lawrence refused to go along with that demand, he gave her a trespassing ticket (Lawrence plans to fight that ticket in a court of law; stay tuned for an update.)

The law enforcement overreach here is astounding, especially given the dramatic rise in violent crime in Hogtown. But apparently, a thought crime is a more heinous offence in Toronto as opposed to a real actual crime.

We wanted to get the store’s side of the story, but Manulife Centre security ordered us to leave the mall or face trespassing charges. We reached out to the media relations department at Shoppers, but we have yet to hear back from them.

Bottom line: if you plan to boycott any pro-transanity companies these days, you’d better do so silently. Big Brother/Sister is watching – and listening – to you. And if you dare utter an “incorrect” opinion, well, law enforcement shall be promptly dispatched…

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