Doug Ford: For the people but also for arresting, fining, and controlling people

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford previously spoke at a Rebel Live event back in 2017 where he talked about being anti-establishment and how politicians need to get out and meet the real people.

Fast forward to 2021 and Ontario has had one of the most brutal lockdowns in all of Canada and maybe even North America. 

Despite being "for the people", Ford and his brutal lockdowns have been the reason people across Ontario are without a job and businesses have had to shut down because of lockdown measures. 

We have been reporting on thousands of people in Ontario being arrested, fined and intimidated for just trying to live their lives. 

Trying to see your aging parents or grandparents is a crime these days. People are encouraged to sit at home and stay away from people. 

As mental health issues amongst youth rise because of lockdowns and the economy crumbles it would appear Ford isn't really about being for the people. 


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  • By Ezra Levant

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