Doug Ford mocks, insults his own voter base for not panicking hard enough about “second wave”

Here in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford loves going to weddings with his friends, but he's ratcheting up rules for everyone else.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at overblown COVID-19 predictions and Doug Ford's mocking insults addressed to his #FordNation supporters:

“Why are we sending so much effort testing healthy people with no symptoms? Is it to generate false positives? Is it to instill fear?

“Is it to make jobs for schemers and scammers, to keep the emergency going for those who benefit from it? Profiteers?”

This is about preparing society for the second wave. Not the second wave of the pandemic — that’s not coming, folks. It’s about the second wave of police and politicians and bureaucrats and scolds going full Australian on you.