Doug Ford's 'Yahoo Nation' protesters are still demonstrating in the streets of Toronto

Can you possibly imagine how they feel about Premier Ford saying he stands 'shoulder to shoulder' with Prime Minister Trudeau?

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As we were covering a Toronto protest on Yonge Street last Saturday regarding how biological male prisoners can now choose to do their time in female penitentiaries simply by saying they “identify” as females (all due to a woke-joke policy change by the Justin Trudeau Liberals), another group of demonstrators happened to march by.

And lo and behold, they happened to be the rank-and-file members of “Yahoo Nation.”

Remember them? They first started protesting the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns outside Queen’s Park going back to April 2020. Those demonstrations used to attract thousands of people, most of whom voted Progressive Conservative back in 2018 when the Doug Ford PCs were first elected. But their demonstrations outside the provincial legislature (complete with a lack of social distancing and masking) drew the ire of the various public health necromancers and various other COVID-Karens in the mainstream media, causing Premier Ford to denounce these folk as “a bunch of yahoos.” Way to go, Douggie! Way to dump on people who were your supporters!

The protesters last Saturday numbered in the several dozen as opposed to several thousand, but they are still standing up for freedom. And good for them. Indeed, check out what they had to say when asked to opine on a statement Premier Ford made several days ago when he remarked that he “stands shoulder to shoulder” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in regard to how the PM handled the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Yes, apparently Ford is perfectly fine that the federal government used its most potent hammer (a.k.a., the Emergencies Act) to shut down a peaceful protest.

Still, how odd that Premier Ford seems downright terrified to testify at the ongoing Emergencies Act inquiry in Ottawa. Is he perhaps scared that some embarrassing private text messages and voicemails he authored last winter might be made public? Or is there a dearth of cherry cheesecake in our nation’s capital these days?

And talk about ingratitude! While Ford, the pseudo-conservative, publicly proclaimed his loyalty to Liberal Prime Minister Blackface McGroper, what did Justin do on Tuesday? He stabbed Ford in the back by publicly proclaiming his support for the various Ontario teachers’ unions that are set to go on strike (again!) come Friday.

What is that line penned by the Immortal Bard from Julius Caesar again? Ah yes: “Et tu, Brute?” (Alas, we suspect that when it comes to Premier Ford, that is also the response to the query: “How many cherry cheesecakes did you consume?” Answer: “Ate two, Brute.”)

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  • By Rebel News

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