Proposed class action against Dr. Bonnie Henry’s declaration of a COVID emergency in B.C. begins five-day certification hearing

'This class action would allow British Columbians to address their Charter breaches in a particularly affordable way' argued CSASPP’s counsel Polina Furtula.

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British Columbians wanting accountability for harms that COVID-19 restrictions mandated by B.C.’s public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, caused citizens to fill a large courtroom in Vancouver’s B.C. Supreme Courthouse yesterday.

Those in the full gallery, including many healthcare professionals set time aside to witness day 1 of a 5 day hearing seeking certification for a class action suit challenging the declaration of an emergency in B.C. 

The proposal for the class action suit which will also seek damages, is brought on by a nonprofit and secular organization called the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy (CSASPP).

The Society seeks to represent all British Columbians whose businesses, health, and liberties were affected by COVID restrictions that hindered their mobility, delayed surgeries, mandated COVID vaccines and more by way of a class action lawsuit.

“This class action would allow British Columbians to address their charter breaches in a particularly affordable way” argued CSASPP’s Counsel Polina Furtula.

Toward the beginning of her submissions, Furtula ran through a list of examples that challenge the provinces need to have declared a state emergency between March 18, 2020- June 30/3021 and thus granting Dr. Henry sweeping powers. As well as the need for the province to continue functioning as though it’s living under a provincial COVID-19 emergency to date.

Excessive PCR testing and deaths from terminal illnesses being marked as COVID death if persons were also COVID positive were two examples Furtula gave for why the Society of is “challenging the premise that the pandemic warranted an emergency” and how the province “failed to establish the legally binding provisions to do an emergency.”

Justice David A. Crerar, who comes across as a reasonable judge with a hint of a sense of humour seemed somewhat surprised to hear Furtula’s submission that deaths that could be marked as COVID deaths even if one passed away from an illness such as cancer while being COVID positive. Justice paraphrased the submission and when Furtula agreed with his understanding of it, Crerar responded “Interesting.”

“How can we properly measure how deadly this was when we’ve got these restrictions in place” Justice Crerar questioned Furtula after she argued that COVID wasn’t as deadly as the province communicated. Furtula read through some of a affidavit from the Society’s expert for the case who is Dr. Joel Kettner, the former Cheif Medical Health Officer of Manitoba. Among other statements, Dr. Kettner states that had had governments excessively tested populations for the seasonal flu in previous years the number of cases would be like that of the cases we’ve seen since testing for COVID-19.

Furtula argued that there is no scientific evidence proving that the restrictions made the virus less deadly. “You can’t prove that because we were not segregated at home” added Furtula saying that people still moved around, and the virus still spread.

Whether or not the Society will be granted certification for the important suit remains to be unknown as we await the hearing to conclude and the Justice to give his reasoning. One thing does seem certain by the large attendance in the gallery and the Justices recent orderTo grant this hearing the ability to be broadcasted, something he called experimental, Justice Crerar is aware this is a case of great public interest.

Rebel News will keep you informed on the decision handed down for this case in an upcoming report. For now, You can watch the full report to hear more about what happened on day 1 of this hearing and hear from the Society’s Executive Director Kipling Warner.

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