Drag queen baby raves? Why nearly naked men who enjoy drag are not for LGBTQ+ equality

The baby raves not only normalize the world of drag for children — a transvestism lifestyle commonly seen in adult entertainment — but it’s also warming them up to the world of raves.

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My eyes are still burning from watching what you’re about to see in this report so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After a year of operating, a popular UK event “for babies” 0-2 years of age and their parents, has been fuelling international outrage on social media.

The two moms, Gemma Hayley Daubney and Lizzie West, who run the baby rave business called Cabababarave, describe the events they organize as “Cabaret Baby Raves,” but one could argue they seem more like a depiction of a day in the life of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In between bubbles and glowsticks, the recently privatized images and footage of Cabababarave’s Instagram account show what appears to be both women and men, some dressed in drag, performing strut club worthy dances and teases for the innocent tots.

The event takes the child grooming of child protection advocates who oppose Drag Queen Story Times for kids to a whole other disturbing level.

A key goal for child groomers is to lower the inhibitions of a child and often their family with intent to eventually sexually abuse them. The baby raves also serve Cabaret style drinks to the parents and alcohol is proven to lower one’s inhibitions.

In addition, the baby raves not only normalize the world of drag for children — a transvestism lifestyle commonly seen in adult entertainment — but it’s also warming them up to the world of raves.

The drug-infested rave party scene that has created the perfect atmosphere for many young people including teenagers to die from overdoses is not something most parents would introduce to toddlers.

Click on the full video report to watch my shock and horror of how blurred the lines are between what’s appropriate for children and what isn’t. You’ll also hear me discuss how some of these events are claimed to be held in honour of the LGBTQ+ community, even though many of whom are equally outraged about the baby raves.

If you appreciate that Rebel News fearlessly tells you the other side of the story to what the state-backed media refuses to cover, head to KeepKidsSpacesSafe.com and donate what you can to cover these reports.

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