Bearded drag queen who teaches elementary school could be in violation of off-duty conduct policy

It seems that gender-bending adults get a free pass to evade rigorous professional standards and codes of conduct when biological women are reprimanded for similar conduct.

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The dynamic bearded drag duo known as the Fay and Fluffy Show, that have become famous for their cross dressing drag queen story time endeavours, have interesting career choices.

One is a daycare provider that goes by the drag name Fluffy Souffle.

Souffle is a biological woman transitioning to a man under the name of Kaleb Robertson.

The other, Fay Slift, is a biological man named John Paul Kane who also works as a Toronto-based elementary school teacher.

As a teacher, Kane is governed by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) that has a code of conduct and professional standards.

Kane was featured in a piece by the OCT called “Professionally Speaking” in 2021 where he said that he was originally inspired in late 2015 by drag performers in San Francisco.

"I had already performed with my students at a few Toronto Pride events, but I knew I wanted to do more," he is quoted as saying.

In a 2018 version of the same publication, it details expectations of teachers with off-duty conduct.

It stipulates that teachers are rarely truly off duty.

“Teachers’ off-duty conduct — even when it’s not directly related to students — is relevant to their suitability to teach,” it reads. “Teaching is a public profession,” and “teachers should be aware of the possibility for their behaviour to come under scrutiny.”

The piece reiterates to members that “The Supreme Court noted the special position of responsibility and influence that they occupy. That comes with high expectations. Breaches of those expectations can cause widespread damage.”

The publication reminds teachers to “always be mindful.”

The OCT says that off duty conduct has many gray areas, like “risqué pictures, intended for private consumption, that are made public.”

Could this mean that John Kane’s off-duty engagements are conflicting with the teachers' code of conduct?

John Kane i.e. Fay Slift has many provocative drag and burlesque-themed performances searchable on public YouTube channels.

He is seen with half-naked adults dancing and appearing from under his dressgyrating with scantily-clad unicorns, and at the centre of highly sexualized performancesincluding dancing on stage for money.

The routines are both heavily sexualized and very public.

If this were a woman teacher parading and dancing around in a sexualized manner in underwear with other scantily clad dancers in a sexualized provocative manner in night clubs and burlesque shows and if ALL of that was publicly posted on YouTube, would the Ontario College of Teachers strip their license for conduct unbecoming or unprofessional off-duty conduct?

Rebel News reached out to the OCT to ask just that.

Kane was featured by Today’s Parent hugging, kissing and otherwise touching children while engaging in his cross-dressed personality of Fay Slift.

This behaviour could be viewed as professional misconduct of a sexual nature as outlined by OCT’s standards. Exemptions from this kind of misconduct include instances where assistance is necessary for diapering, toileting, washing or dressing, or remarks that are pedagogically appropriate.

The OCT responded that they cannot speculate on discipline possibilities or outcomes.

They did share a link to disciplinary summary decisions. In the most recent member newsletter from June 2023 there were at least six guilty determinations of misconduct and/or incompetence.

Five of them included inappropriate student conduct, including instances of sexual abuse and inappropriate interactions.

And recently, a British Columbia woman working as a teaching assistant was threatened with discipline or termination by her employer after it was discovered that she was operating an OnlyFans page using an alter-ego.

Yet it appears Kane is shielded from similar professional criticism just because he’s putting on “woman face” and part of a special interests group.

When John Kane is working as Fay Slift as part of the Fay and Fluffy show – or whatever other identity flavour of the day comes next – that is considered off-duty conduct.

So why do gender-bending adults get a free pass to evade rigorous professional standards and codes of conduct? Because they want equal rights, or because they’re part of a protected class?

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