E-learning during coronavirus: Father speaks out as Ontario's teachers' union falls behind private schools

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Remember before the #coronovirus really took root, impacting our lives and businesses, forcing so many of us into a self-imposed quarantine?

In Ontario, the big story (aside from those rail blockades — remember that nonsense?) was the ongoing teachers’ strikes. The teachers‘ unions were upset with possible larger class sizes and that boogeyman known as e-learning. (It’s all about the kids, you see... and please pay no attention to that other little demand — you know, that 2 per cent salary increase.)

Well, meet Vadim Sloutsky of Toronto. Vadim’s eight-year-old daughter goes to a private school, and like all schools, it remains shuttered thanks to COVID-19.

But thanks to Zoom, an online video conferencing system, his daughter and all her classmates are being taught via their computers by their home-based teacher — including phys ed and even dance class!

Vadim says his daughter loves the experience; she is engaged and learning as opposed to doing, well, nothing of significance. And Vadim wonders if her small private school can pull this off, why can’t the major public school boards?

(For the record, Toronto District School Board spokesman Ryan Bird says the TDSB is looking at launching similar online learning classes next week using a Zoom-like portal called Google Meet.)

Even so, I now wonder if the various leftist teachers’ unions still decry and demonize e-learning in this day and age of trying to cope with the Coronovirus? Because, given the dark days we currently reside in, without e-learning, there would be no learning at all.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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