Earth Hour in the age of coronavirus: David Menzies “heckled by an enviro-busybody”

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Let there be… lights! And lots of them! As in forever!

So, was it good it good for you on Saturday night? You know, Earth Hour? That 60 minutes when we’re supposed to flick off the lights, turn off the TV, pull the plug on the computer, and then party like it’s... 1699?

Yes, another completely useless Earth Hour came and went.

And I know what you`re thinking: is Earth Hour even still a thing anymore?

Not as far as I could tell.

I didn’t see any evidence in my neighbourhood or my city when it came to people going out of their way to turn off the lights.

And why would they? If you want to “save the planet”, illuminate your home with light bulbs powered by clean-burn electricity. But the climate Cassandras prefer candles for some reason. Do they know most candles in Canada are made out of paraffin, a petroleum by-product? Paraffin contains such chemicals as acrolein, benzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate, toluene, styrene, ethyl benzene, naphthalene, benzaldehyde, didecyl phthalate and acetone. All of which means that lighting candles for illumination and/or heat actually increases one’s carbon footprint. Genius!

At least there’s been one silver lining to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Which is to say, the few Earth Hour celebrations that were scheduled were, of course, cancelled due to social-distancing mandates.

One municipality that cancelled its Earth Hour shindig was Vaughan, Ontario. But get this: the city was quick to advise residents they could celebrate Earth Hour at home by switching off the lights and electronics, taking part in in candlelit yoga sessions and perhaps even making a fort with others while eating snacks and sharing tips on how you to protect the planet this year. Those are their words, folks, not mine.

Yet, can you believe the audacity behind this rubbish? People have been cooped up int their home for days if not weeks in self-quarantine thanks to COVID-19… but the Vaughan virtue-signallers want them to remain cooped up – except in darkness?!

Incidentally, after being heckled by an enviro-busybody, I ventured into the woods to experience Earth Hour myself.

Predictably, it was horrible…

Bottom line: if you want to experience Earth Hour 24/7, 365 days a year, then by all means take a charter flight to North Korea.

And if you receive permission to touch down in the Hermit Kingdom, feel free to ask your average North Korean how wonderful it is to shiver in the dark on a daily basis all year round.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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