Edmonton: $150K to give wards aboriginal names — including the Cree word for “bisexual”

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The City of Edmonton City Council has voted to change the name of the municipal wards, ditching the one-through-twelve numbering system in favor of new indigenous names.

The Alberta capital city is a bit of an anomaly in the conservative province, home to an NDP stronghold federally and provincially in Old Strathcona, and city council over recent years has found ways to blow taxpayer money on recycling fiascos, expensive bike lanes in a winter city, and paying residents to put solar panels on their houses.

At the same time, the council has voted to cut funding to the cops by $11 million at the behest of a small but loud group of radicals.

Alberta’s unemployment rate sits at nearly 12 per cent and yet the municipal government refuses to lay off their expensive virtue-signaling even as they prepare for a 2021 election, spending $150,000 on an all-female panel on indigenous activists to pick twelve new names for the wards.

I’m not against giving the wards new indigenous names, as long as they’re relevant and reflective of Edmonton’s history, geography, culture, but it seems like a bizarre priority and unnecessary spending during a pandemic.

The names selected by the feminist panel of consultants didn’t follow the rules requiring a geographic tie to the ward.

Ward 2 was done right. It will be given the name “Anirnik”, and Inuktun word meaning,  “breath of life,” to honour the history of the Inuit who received treatment at the Charles Camsell Hospital.

But then there is Ward 3, or rather Tastawiyiniwok, the Cree word that describes those who moved between gender roles.

If conservatives want to save the country, they need to start closer to home in their local town and city councils.

Like Jordan Peterson says: "If you can't even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world.” 

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