Egregious verdict by Justice Adam Germain uses 'compelled speech' as a form of punishment

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Last month, Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski had his day in court. And we are still reeling from what emerged during his trial.

You see, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germaine rendered a decision that compels Pastor Pawlowski to communicate government talking points whenever Artur speaks about anything pandemic-related!

So it is that if Pastor Art goes on social media or ventures into the public square or has an interview with a journalist, in addition to offering his own views on issues such as masks and vaccines and lockdowns, he must also immediately repudiate his own views. Like a trained seal, Pastor Art must communicate the official government positions on those very same issues!

We’re not making this up! (Reality check: are we living in Canada — or North Korea? Is this 2021 — or Orwell’s fictional albeit frightening 1984?)

And if Pastor Art does not comply with these egregious conditions, he risks being thrown in jail. Again. It’s baffling. It’s unbelievable.

It is a mockery of justice.

Germaine has the power to fine and imprison individuals. But he does not have the power to order them what to think and what to say. We do not reside in a dictatorship or a banana republic — at least not yet.

That’s why we launched a petition called Fire the Judge. And about 27,000 of you agreed that jettisoning this particular justice is a jolly good idea indeed.

Recently, my cameraman Mauricio and I traveled to Ottawa to drop off this petition to the office of the Canadian Judicial Council, a federal entity that oversees judges.

We were shocked by Justice Germain’s ideology. You were shocked by it. And maybe the folks at the Canadian Judicial Council will be shocked as well. At the very least the council is now fully aware of Justice Germaine’s harebrained decision and his downright tyrannical punishments. And hopefully, the Canadian Judicial Council will do something about it.

Because Justice Germaine’s ruling regarding Pastor Artur is not simply a bad decision — it is misconduct.

To sign our petition visit

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  • By Rebel News

PETITION: Fire Justice Adam Germain

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Goal: 40,000 Signatures

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