Election 2019


Any day now the Liberals will formally call the election. But who’s kidding whom? It’s been on for months.

In recent weeks, Liberal MPs have been making dozens of spending announcements, totaling billions of dollars. They're doing what Liberals do: diverting taxpayer dollars to electoral districts they're worried about losing and to the few they're hoping to pick up.

And of course the most important Liberal Party hand-out is to the Media Party — Trudeau’s $600 million bail-out. Just to take the Toronto Star alone, they receive $115,000 dollars a week.

It's not just the newspapers themselves who are partisans. Thousands of journalists are part of Unifor, a giant union which has set up a third party campaign group to funnel money into anti-conservative campaigns.

By far the biggest contribution journalists make to Trudeau isn’t their own cash. It’s their embarrassing questions.

These journalists love Trudeau and Elizabeth May, but they're still trying to decide if they hate Andrew Scheer for his rising poll numbers or Maxime Bernier for his candour more.

Right now, the outcome of this volatile election looks like it will be a Trudeau minority. If you flip just one seat per province from the Liberals to the Conservatives, you'll end up with a tie between the Liberals and the Conservatives. 

So what should we do, here at Rebel News? Should we campaign against Trudeau as a registered third party?

We’re not a political party, and we’re not a campaign group. We’re not members of any party; we are independent; we criticize any party when we think they’re wrong; and we praise any party when we think they’re right.

No; our role is not to campaign as a party, or like a lobby group like Unifor. Our role is to report the news, and give you our opinion on the news. That’s what journalism is about.

So what we are going to do during this election? Well, we’ve got a plan. We’re not going to take on the Liberal Party. That’s the job of the other parties.

We’re going to take on something that’s far worse — something that’s going to be much more vicious and much less honest: We’re going to take on the Media Party.

It means we’re going to do actual journalism. In-the-field journalism. On-the-street asking questions, like the time Keean Bexte confronted Anne McGrath about her communist past before losing by just a few hundred votes. We’re going to cover up to 100 different ridings over the course of the next seven weeks.

We’re going to provide in this election the most useful thing you can imagine — balanced coverage. I expect we will make up to 100 flights, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, from Whitehorse to Montreal, and everywhere in between to ask politicians the tough questions they've never been asked before. Do you remember when Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen ran away from David Menzies asking questions about the UN Global Compact on Migration? Or when Sheila Gunn Reid followed Chrystia Freeland to London?

Yeah. That’s the stuff.

I want to keep the conversation going, and I want to vet our Prime Minister. And I have. Him and his whole team.

And so I’m pleased to announce to you, my friends, my new book, called:

The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption.

It’s a quick read — it’s a paperback of 138 pages, or you can get the e-book too if you prefer. But it has the collected facts about Trudeau and his corrupt team, from Bill Morneau to Gerald Butts to Dominic Leblanc. All the crooks — the Libranos. All the facts that the CBC doesn’t want to tell you, because they’re worried they’ll have their subsidy cut off if they do.

There are a bunch of Trudeau books out there. Mine is the only one not subsidized by Trudeau himself.

I bet we can sell more than the love-letters by the media party.

That’s the Rebel’s campaign plan. Our budget is just over 100,000 dollars — and we’ve quietly raised half of that over the summer from Canadians who want to help us. We still need to raise the other half — for the lawn signs, for the Jumbotron trucks, but mainly to help cover the cost of criss-crossing Canada.

We can’t give you a political party tax receipt — but we can promise you we’ll make more of a difference, dollar for dollar, than any other group out there. Because we’re 100% independent.

If you can voluntarily help us out, I’d be grateful — and in return, I promise you the best journalism in Canada.

NEXT: Edmonton Sun senior political columnist Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about how political correctness is helping to spur the rise of populism.

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