Elizabeth May is running to be re-elected as the Green Party’s next leader

Elizabeth May, who stepped down from the leadership of the globalist Green Party in 2019, recently decided to run again to become the party’s next leader.

Elizabeth May is running to be re-elected as the Green Party’s next leader
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Elizabeth May is launching her bid to be re-elected as the leader of the Green Party, which is set to occur at an uncertain date. 

In 2019, prior to the most recent election, May resigned as leader of the Green Party, with Annamie Paul taking over the reigns of the party. Paul ran in the riding of Toronto Centre.

Paul not only lost the general election in 2021, but wasn’t even elected in her own riding, losing to Marci Ien, who is now the minister for women, gender equality and youth in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet. 

May is currently running against her friend, Jonathan Pednault. Both candidates reportedly claim they will appoint each other as deputy leader if they win. 

May stated that the party “has been in disarray and apologized for the mistakes she made in the past,” as reported by Global News

The winner is set to be announced in November and will replace the current interim leader Amita Kuttner.

On the other hand, the new Conservative Party of Canada leader will be announced on September 10, 2022. Polls show that Pierre Poilievre is the current front runner. To see all of Rebel News’ coverage of the Conservative leadership race, visit LeadershipReports.ca

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  • By Ezra Levant

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