Could 'Busty Lemieux' be pulling a 'cosmic prank' on the Halton District School Board?

Sheila Gunn Reid interviews David Menzies as they discuss David's petition drop-off to 'protect the student' against the fetishized shop teacher who has been making headlines for wearing ridiculously large prosthetic breasts to class.

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"Here is a teacher at a school, a shop teacher formerly presenting as male who just one day showed up in a wig and these enormous, clownish fake breasts that make a mockery of womanhood," said Sheila.

David explained what happened when he dropped off a petition that had over 16,000 signatures on it:

This was a petition where we were demanding the resignation of the entire Halton District School Board, along with its director of education.

I simply wanted to deliver this petition with more than 16,000 signatures. I think it might be up to over 17,000 right now.  

And this is how dumb these educators are, Sheila. If they only came up and said, 'okay, petition received, I guess you've got no other reason to be here, be on your way.' No, they were glued to their seats until they fled from their seats because I wasn't going anywhere and called the police.

It's okay for minors at Oakville Trafalgar High School to endure that site every school day, but it's offensive for adults at a school board headquarters to endure that. What hypocrisy.

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