Enough is enough: Demands for Victorian premier to evict violent anti-Israel protesters

Deputy Liberal Leader David Southwick calls on Premier Jacinta Allan to take decisive action against violent Palestinian protesters amid escalating safety concerns at the Victorian State Parliament.

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Deputy Victorian Liberal Leader David Southwick has demanded that Premier Jacinta Allan utilise her parliamentary powers to ensure the safety of all within the precinct, following disturbing incidents of violence by anti-Israel protesters.

"The action that I seek is for the premier to do whatever is necessary to ensure that there is safety within the parliamentary precinct for everybody that works here and for everybody that visits here," Southwick stated in parliament.

Highlighting recent incidents, Southwick recounted the encounter where Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini was threatened by one of the lead protesters, who claimed 'ownership' of the precinct.

Southwick said the precinct belongs to the people and should be accessible to all without fear of intimidation.

His concerns stem from footage showing violent behaviour by protesters, including the hurling of a glass bottle towards Avi and his security.

Southwick stressed the need for immediate action, urging the Premier to refer the matter to the police and expel those responsible from the parliamentary precinct.

Safety concerns have escalated, with reports of cancelled tours by Jewish schools and organisations due to intimidation from the protesters. Southwick also referenced an email indicating the potential closure of the parliament's front doors due to safety considerations.

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