Novel pharmaceutical products are driving variants and infections, warns epidemiologist

Citing a catastrophic public health response, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander says that if we want to end the roller coaster of infections and variants, we must immediately stop using emergency use authorized products.

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Seasoned epidemiologist and former Trump senior adviser Paul Elias Alexander recently reminded attendees at the two-day United Health Conference on February 4-5 that the COVID-19 public health response continues to be the real pandemic.

Alexander comes armed with extensive research knowledge in evidence-based medical best practices and a doctorate in research methodology and clinical epidemiology.

In this interview, he discusses how the novel injections must be stopped immediately due to instable and questionable mechanisms like pegylated lipid nanoparticles, and shares additional concerns with other emergency use authorized drugs like Paxlovid and Molnupivarvir.

The combination of ineffective injections and mutation-stimulating pharmaceuticals is driving variants, he says. Alexander reiterates his sentiments that children have robust, innate immunity and do not need these novel pharmaceutical products.

The COVID-19 public health fiasco has made Alexander further question all vaccines. He refers to the Dengue vaccine trial in the Philippines that killed children, the 10,000 children killed and maimed by a live-polio vaccine, and the RSV vaccine trial that resulted in two toddler deaths.

As all-cause mortality continues to skyrocket, with accelerations primarily in younger demographics, Alexander reiterates that the mass rollout of these novel products must be halted so that a real investigation can be done.

His sentiments remain that children have robust, innate immunity and absolutely do not need these novel pharmaceutical products.

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