Eva Chipiuk: 'Why is the Crown so opposed to Canadians having their day in court?'

Freedom Convoy lawyer Eva Chipiuk joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the current situation in Ottawa's federal court, which involves 'citizens challenging the Emergencies Act on its own basis.'

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The Ezra Levant Show was joined by Freedom Convoy lawyer, Eva Chipiuk. Ezra asked Eva to set the scene in Ottawa with what is currently happening with those who want a possible judicial review, "challenging the Emergencies Act on its own basis."

"It looks like there's four cases that have been combined," said Chipiuk. "Two are on behalf of actual citizens in Canada and two are on civil liberties association. So two of those civil liberties associations were involved in the Public Order Emergencies Commission."



"And then you have regular Canadians that have applied to ask the court to determine whether or not the Emergencies Act was justified."

Ezra mentioned that he was reading Chipiuk's live tweets of the hearing, and it sounded like the government's lawyers were trying to make it so that this matter doesn't even proceed to trial.

Chipiuk continued:

I'm not involved in this legal challenge, I'm just observing. And it was really hard to watch the Crown, the federal lawyers arguing that.

And it was good to see the judge challenge the lawyer there, especially, like you said it, the Crown kind of suggested that this should have been brought forward earlier.

And while the Emergencies Act was invoked and the judge was like, 'really, you think they should have brought it within the nine days? Tell me what kind of evidence they would have had in the nine days?' And you're like, 'come on Crown, you have to be reasonable to a certain extent. You can't expect regular Canadians to get all this in order, in order to bring a sophisticated challenge to court.'

And then if you don't bring a sophisticated challenge, then you're being booted on that. So you can't have it both ways.

And that seems to be what the Crown continues to argue in these cases. And it's really disheartening to see Canadians should have their day in court.

And why is the Crown so opposed to Canadians having their day in court?

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